How to Marie Kondo your skincare routine

How to Marie Kondo your skincare routine
If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo (the ultimate cleaning-guru who behind the Netflix series and book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’) then where HAVE you been!?
Here at Oh K! we have been obsessed! From rolling up our t-shirts to de-cluttering our shelfies, the Marie Kondo effect has left us ‘sparking joy’.
Ahead of spring, we decided to put Marie Kondo’s tips to the test and give our Korean skincare routine the ULTIMATE spring clean makeover. Read on below to see how we used the Konmari method on our skincare essentials.

How to organize your skincare

1. Pull together all the skincare you own. Yes, everything!

Whether you’re a beauty junkie or loyal to your regime essentials, start the process by pulling all of your skincare products together. Lay your products flat into a neat pile, and begin to think about what you need and what you rarely use.
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2. Ask yourself, 'Does this moisturizer spark joy?'

You probably have a few tubs and products lying around which haven’t been used in forever (guilty!). While it's easy to think they can still do all the good to your skin, expired formulas can be harmful, cause irritation and can do the complete opposite to what it says on the label.
Before chucking old products, check the expiration icon at the back. Once opened, your products normally last between 6-18 months. If you feel the date has passed, chuck it, or if recyclable, clear out the formula with water and pop the empties into your closest recycling bin. 
Ask yourself, how often do I use this, do I need this for daily use, or is this a brand I use regularly? If yes, then keep it. Remember, the Konmari method is not about emptying your skincare routine entirely, but about getting rid of bad habits and being selective to what are the best skincare products & what you don’t need.

3. Begin organizing your skincare routine – separate what you use for night, day and once a week.

It's time to make what you have accessible. Our golden rule to this? Organise what you have into fuss-free routines!
To start, lay out all of your sheet masks, skincare and makeup and begin setting your products aside into the following categories, morning, weekly and night. Separating your routine like this will not only give you the chance to visualise what you use often, but you will also get to see how you are treating your skin day to day.
It’s also helpful to give your products a mini spring clean while you organize. Wipe off excess residue, foundation, marks and powder from other products. We recommend using a brush cleaner matt and wipes to give your products a little bit of scrub-n-glow!

4. Build your shelfie!

Once your skin care is organized into categories – it’s time to take the KonMari technique to the shelves. Working from top to bottom, begin placing your categorized routines into each shelf.
Here at Oh K! we like to work with one category per a shelf, keeping our essentials on top and our weekly products to the bottom.
korean skincare shelfie
Oh K!'s favorite shelfie essentials


Organizing your top shelf

The top shelf is for your routine you cannot pass a day without. Whether it’s day, night, or a full 10-step skincare regime, use your space wisely to place together your product so it is easily accessible!


Organizing your middle shelf

Like the top, our middle shelf is about your standout essentials. Depending on the category you use for the top, place the second most-used products in the middle shelf. Avoid using wash bags and opt for stands and organizers for fuss-free stacking.

Organizing your bottom shelf

Lastly the bottom shelf – the home of your ‘once-a-week’ treats. This is the perfect place to keep your miscellaneous items, such as your minis, your testers and your night-in essentials & sheet masks.

5. Take that #shelfie and share your Konmari method with us!

Time to say bye to bad habits and let your shelfie shine! Snap us a picture of your newly organized space and share it at #ohklife for a chance to be featured on our feed.
(And remember, don’t forget to mask afterwards, you deserve it!)
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